Clinical Development

Clinical Pipeline



Multiple Myeloma

Advanced myeloma, monotherapy
ASPIRE – Relapsed, +/- lenalidomide/dexamethasone
ENDEAVOR-Relapsed, vs. bortezomib + dexamethasone
CLARION - Front-line, vs. bortezomib + melphalan + prednisone


Hematologic Malignancies

Monotherapy - Waldenstroms and myeloma
Oprozomib + melphalan + prednisone - in newly diagnosed, transplant ineligible
Oprozomib + pomalidomide + dexamethasone
Oprozomib + dexamethasone - relapsed/refractory myeloma
Oprozomib + dexamethasone with lenalidomide or cyclophosphamide in newly diagnosed myeloma

Other Cancers

Monotherapy - Advanced Malignancies

Ibrance (palbociclib 1

Advanced breast cancer
1 Ibrance (palbociclib) is a Pfizer compound being developed by Pfizer. Amgen receives receive an 8% royalty on global net sales.