Clinical Development

Investigator Sponsored Trials

Onyx is committed to advancing scientific and medical understanding of our therapies to enhance patient care through support of investigators’ independent research. Through our Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) program, Onyx supports investigators who have interest in further exploring and gaining new and valuable information about the appropriate use of our treatments. Investigators and their sponsoring institution independently generate and submit a research and support plan to the Onyx IST review committee, and assume all sponsor responsibilities if the study is approved.

Onyx support of ISTs is provided in the form of study drug supply and may include research funding. The Onyx IST program is global, and currently considers research proposals relating to carfilzomib and, in select cases, earlier stage pipeline compounds.

If you have a question about the IST program or wish to submit an IST proposal for review, please contact your Onyx Medical Science Liaison.